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Out of the Void Poster by Bebops

I am constantly astonished and entranced by the myriad forms of life on this planet. To quote one of my very favorite authors, Annie Dillard, in
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, "the creator has pizzazz".

I hope to display a variety of animal images on this blog to delight us all. I have created many products featuring wildlife and pets for my Zazzle stores, Bebop's Place and Bebop's Weddings, using my original photographs and designs. I am also constantly amazed at the gorgeous animal products available from the rest of the Zazzle community. I am hoping others will enjoy this blog and even be moved to purchase some of these lovely items for gifts or just for the pleasure of having such beauty around.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Valentine's Day card features two adorable African Penguins standing on a rocky ledge. They are aquatic, flightless birds whose wings have become flippers. Each has a black stripe and black spots on the chest. The pattern of spots is unique for every penguin, just like human fingerprints. They have pink glands above their eyes and pink and black feet. Two more little penguins are inside. The text can be customized for your special occasion.

A tiny black and white chickadee, bathed in a golden light, is perched on the edge of a bird feeder asking you to "be mine" on this lovely Valentine's Day card.

How much does a squirrel love nuts? As much as I love you! Squirrel Valentine's Day card. All text is customizable!

It wasn't me! Why do you always have spots on your shirt?

Original vector art of a cartoon elf, pixie or fairy sitting on a white and gray unicorn. The green faerie with wings is holding up a pink daisy flower and the unicorn is looking back at her and the flower. A cute magical fantasy design for fans of mythical or mystical creatures.