Out of the Void Posters
Out of the Void Poster by Bebops

I am constantly astonished and entranced by the myriad forms of life on this planet. To quote one of my very favorite authors, Annie Dillard, in
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, "the creator has pizzazz".

I hope to display a variety of animal images on this blog to delight us all. I have created many products featuring wildlife and pets for my Zazzle stores, Bebop's Place and Bebop's Weddings, using my original photographs and designs. I am also constantly amazed at the gorgeous animal products available from the rest of the Zazzle community. I am hoping others will enjoy this blog and even be moved to purchase some of these lovely items for gifts or just for the pleasure of having such beauty around.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

This set of Bicycle playing cards features the incredible luna moth, a lime-green, Nearctic Saturniid moth in the subfamily Saturniinae. With a wingspan of up to four and a half inches, this lovely creature ranks as one of the largest moths in North America. This adult moth has just emerged from the cocoon and is waiting on the bark of a tree trunk to dry and harden. The adults do not eat or have mouths. They live for only one week and emerge as adults only to mate. With lime green color and distinctive eyespots this is a very mysterious, magical looking being.

“The Master” cat is loaded with attitude and shows it by wearing a snazzy fuchsia and green striped tie. Tail and nose in the air, this cat is oblivious to the adorable bugs flying around him. Fuchsia paw prints and green dots are tossed randomly on an orange background with the text reading “The Master”. A whimsy multi-color border surrounds the image.

This holiday ornament features a chubby red squirrel just asking to be loved! She will be so cute hanging on someone's Christmas tree.

Cute spotted jellyfish! Perfect for the sea life lover!